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Scott Higgins

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our beloved, Captain Scott Higgins.  Scoot, known to many, was the former President of CMFAS.  He was also an instructor for the Pumps class for many years with us.  As a captain on Winslow FD, he was an outstanding leader in our organization as well as a co-worker, brother in the service, and the best friend you could have.  His insight, thoughtfulness and integrity will linger in our lives.  His passing will leave a void in our community as well as in our hearts.  He will be missed by many, and loved by all.   Rest in Peace brother Scott.  We will miss you.  Our thoughts and prayers are will Scott's family and the entire Winslow Fire Department.

Fire & Explosion Investigation

Recognize as first responders the indicators of an intentionally set fire; illegal drug laboratory, inclusive of methamphetamine labs; and explosion. This class will instruct on scene security; evidence observation and preservation; safety of the firefighter; observations, actions, and responsibility at the scene; firefighter response to fatal incidents involving fire and/or explosion. Course overview: Fire Behavior; Critical observations of the firefighter; Fire causes; and working with the Office of Maine State Fire Marshal to determine the origin and cause of the incident. FIELD TRIP: At the conclusion of the training; the class will go to a recent fire scene and practice the learned knowledge. SAFETY EQUIPMENT to be inside a fire scene is MANDATORY!

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