Central Maine Fire Attack School

Fall School October 5 and 6, 2019 at Winslow High School

Online registration and course information now available online.


The RIT class originally schedule for this upcoming weekend has been cancelled.
Tim Hardy with Farmington FD was going to teach it but due to an injury he sustained in 9/16's explosion he will not be able to.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Farmington Fire Department and their families.


Scott HigginsScott Higgins, President

Serving with Winslow Fire since 1999 presently B shift Captain. Serving on the CMFAS board since 2010 a member since 2008

Richard Jandreau, Vice President


Debbie LeibermanDebra Lieberman, Secretary

Executive Assistant, Waterville Fire Dept, 30½ years, Secretary, CMFAS, not sure how long, about 25 years.

Vicki Dill, Treasurer

West Gardiner Fire Department 23 years, past training officer and chief.  I am a CPR instructor as well as an instructor for CMFAS for over 10 years.  I have taught the Block program as well as EVOC and assisted with other classes at CMFAS

Lisa ByersLisa Byers

John ChurchillJohn Churchill

Shawn EslerShawn Esler

Deputy Chief Albion, Fire Captain Waterville Fire, (newly appointed Waterville Fire Chief). 14 Years for AFD, 10 for WFD, Unknown – CMFAS

Dave GroderDave Groder

Captain John Gromek

Waterville Fire Department  28 Years Waterville Fire 10 call 18 career  15 CMFAS

Mark HamiltonMark Hamilton

I have 25 years of experience as a firefighter, 16 of which as career firefighting.  I started as a volunteer in Albion and currently I am Lt with the Waterville FD. I have been an Instructor for CMFAS for 10 years, mainly teaching Pumps courses.

Ryan JohnstonRyan Johnston

I’m the Rescue Technician on A shift at Waterville. Been here for 4 years. I was a Bangor FF for 18 yrs. I have no idea how long ibe been with cmfas.

Dave LafoutainDave Lafontaine

Ken McMasterKen MacMaster

Investigator with Fire Marshal’s Office for 12 years, with total of 43 years state law enforcement       Instructor with Central Maine Fire Attack School for 11 years.

Jeff RenyLt. Jeff Reny

Winslow Fire Dept   14yrs    10 Yrs – CMFAS


  MG 8012E

D Brown 2

Fire Marshal Inspector

Fire Marshal Inspector


School Location

Winslow High School
22 Danielson Street
Winslow, Maine

Map & Directions


Contact Us

Central Maine Fire Attack School
P.O. Box 143
Waterville, Maine 04903-0143
Pres. Scott Higgins
   (207) 692-4019
VP Richard Jandreau
   (207) 649-1919
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