Central Maine Fire Attack School

 Unfortunately due to the recent COVID-19 flareups we will not be having a Fall 2021 School!
Hope to see you all in the Spring!

Peter RinesIt is with heavy hearts, that the officers and board members of CMFAS share the news of the passing of Peter Rines, of MFSI.  Peter was the curriculum and certification contact there.  He has helped CMFAS with many end tests and live burns in Wiscasset, for many firefighters throughout Maine.  His dedication to the fire service was outstanding.  His compassion for training and certification for firefighters was fierce.  As instructors with CMFAS, we came to know Peter and will miss his presence at MFSI.  Maine has just lost a great man and advocate for the Fire Service.  Rest in Peace Peter.  We will miss you a great deal.



Please feel free to download the forms below. The "Winslow" emblem may be removed and it is imperative that you input your department's symbol or print on official letterhead. Please fill the forms out in their entirety, make sure that they are signed, place in a sealed envelop and have it placed in your personnel file. Once sealed these documents can only be opened by you to update the information or by your Chief in the event of you are killed in the line of duty. Please share these with your membership and neighboring departments. These forms are the only true way to ensure that your wishes are carried out in the event of your death.

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